Who are we?

Changing Spaces Renovations is a leading General construction builder, renovator, serving Regina, Saskatchewan, and surrounding towns like White City, Pilot Butte and Bethune. Changing Spaces has always prided ourselves on being a locally owned and operated company. Since our inception with almost already 30 years worth of experience, we have focused on design and innovation in every build and product we bring to market.

We aren’t just in the business of selling buildings, we build customizable buildings, homes at every price point. Buildings or homes that suit both your budget and your lifestyle. To ensure quality at every stage of a build, we create long lasting partnerships with trade partners who are considered the top of their class. We know location is important, so we develop relationships with the top land developers in the area to ensure we secure some of the most ideal lot locations available.

Core Values

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Employee Discipline
  • Community Connected
  • Quality Trust
  • Dedication & Integrity
  • Relationship Driven
  • Great Reputation

Specialist Skills

As one of the top General Contractors in Regina, Saskatchewan, Changing Spaces Renovations strives to maintain a high standard of ethics and professionalism with our clients. Whether it’s a residential or commercial job, our goal is to achieve your vision on both a professional and personal level. We understand that all jobs, both big and small, are important to our clients and we want you to be happy and be satisfied. We treat your home or building with the same care we treat our own.

Development 92%
Design 80%
Consulting 90%
Joinery 85%

Key Services & Skills


For 30 years we’ve been serving our clients as a full-service Design-Build firm, we strive to provide each Client with a construction design to support their lifestyle needs, desires, and architectural design preferences.


We pride ourselves in seeking out some of the best talent in the construction building industry. We feel that communication is the key to success in building trusted partnerships with our trade partners and customers.


Changing Spaces Renovations is built to help our clients achieve the design and safety they need in their home or building. Giving them quality service and dedication to give them a beautiful design they always wanted.


We believe that long-lasting relationships with our clients are built after we turn the keys over. Our award winning service department comes with a wealth of service industry experience and takes pride in ensuring our clients are proud to live made by Changing Spaces Renovations. We know your building is your sanctuary or place of work and play, so when issues arise, we are always prompt and efficient. If it’s peace of mind you’re looking for, you’ve found it with the Changing Spaces Service Team.

Meet The Team

We Changing Spaces provide our staff team with the best talent in the industry, giving the need for communication and talent, we make sure that we are there to help you whatever issues arise in your building or home.


Our Clients